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Calendar Appointments Overview

RadCalendar can display appointments by setting its AppointmentsSource property. AppointmentsSource accepts a collection of Telerik.XamarinForms.Input.Appointment objects. Each Appointment defines the following members:

  • StartDate (DateTime);
  • EndDate (DateTime);
  • Title (string): sets the subject of the appointment;
  • Detail (string): adds additional information related to the appointment;
  • Color (Color): : specifies the color marking the appointment when visualized in the timeline;
  • IsAllDay (bool): indicates whether the appointment will take all day;
  • RecurrenceRule (IRecurrenceRule): defines basic properties of the recurrence rule of the appointment, for more details go to Recurrence topic.

The other alternative is to create custom appointment class that inherits from the Telerik.XamarinForms.Input.Appointment class. The class includes also the RecurrenceRule property. For more detals please check the Custom Appointments article.

Example: Creating an Appointment

Here is a quick example on how you can create Appointments collection and bind it to the AppointmentsSource property of RadCalendar.

First, create a ViewModel class and add "Appointments" collection inside it:

public class AppointmentsViewModel
    public AppointmentsViewModel()
        var date = DateTime.Today;
        this.Appointments = new ObservableCollection<Appointment>
            new Appointment {
                    Title = "Meeting with Tom",
                    Detail = "Sea Garden",
                    StartDate = date.AddHours(10),
                    EndDate = date.AddHours(11),
                    Color = Color.Tomato
                new Appointment {
                    Title = "Lunch with Sara",
                    Detail = "Restaurant",
                    StartDate = date.AddHours(12).AddMinutes(30),
                    EndDate = date.AddHours(14),
                    Color = Color.DarkTurquoise
                new Appointment {
                    Title = "Elle Birthday",
                    StartDate = date,
                    EndDate = date.AddHours(11),
                    Color = Color.Orange,
                    IsAllDay = true
                 new Appointment {
                    Title = "Football Game",
                    StartDate = date.AddDays(2).AddHours(15),
                    EndDate = date.AddDays(2).AddHours(17),
                    Color = Color.Green
    public ObservableCollection<Appointment> Appointments { get; set; }

Then, add the RadCalendar definition to your page:

<telerikInput:RadCalendar x:Name="calendar"
                          AppointmentsSource="{Binding Appointments}"
        <local:AppointmentsViewModel />

Figure 1: Appearance of the RadCalendar control in month view mode

Appointments monthview

Figure 2: Appearance of the RadCalendar control in day view mode

Appointments dayview

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