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RadGridView provides you with a built-in sorting functionality, which allows the user to easily sort the data by one of the columns.

Telerik WPF DataGrid Functional Overview Sorting 1

You can define sorting criteria either in the XAML or in the code-behind.

<telerik:RadGridView x:Name="radGridView" 
        <telerik:SortDescriptor Member="EmployeeID" 
                            SortDirection="Ascending" /> 

You can achieve the same result if you define your sorting criteria in the code-behind like this:

SortDescriptor descriptor = new SortDescriptor(); 
descriptor.Member = "EmployeeID"; 
descriptor.SortDirection = ListSortDirection.Ascending; 
Dim descriptor As New SortDescriptor() 
descriptor.Member = "EmployeeID" 
descriptor.SortDirection = ListSortDirection.Ascending 

Note that since SortDescriptors property is a collection, you can add more than one SortDescriptor to a RadGridView.

Consider using the code-behind approach only when changing the sorting criteria run-time.

If the RadGridView is bound to a collection that inherits ICollectionView that has a CanSort property set to true, the RadGridView`s sorting is disabled and the sorting mechanism of the collection is used instead.

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