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Cross Thread CollectionChanged Interval

RadGridView dispatches the ItemsSource collection changes made on a background thread back to the UI.

The CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval property allows you to control the time interval at which the CollectionChanged is dispatched to the UI thread. The default property value is TimeSpan.Zero and the updates happen on each CollectionChanged of the ItemsSource.

The CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval was introduced with version R2 2020 of Telerik UI for WPF.

Example 1: Setting CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval to 3 seconds in XAML

<telerik:RadGridView CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval="00:00:03.000" /> 

Example 2: Setting CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval to 3 seconds in code

radGridView.CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3); 
_radGridView.CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(3) 

Setting the CrossThreadCollectionChangedInterval property to a bigger interval improves the performance in scenarios with multiple updates in the ItemsSource that happen often on a background thread.

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