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Document Model

The model of the PDF document in PdfViewer is represented by the RadFixedDocument class.

RadFixedDocument is part of the RadPdfProcessing library.

The following example shows how to create a RadFixedDocument and insert content by using the RadFixedDocumentEditor class. After the document object is created, render it by using the Document property of the RadPdfViewer. This result is similar to the one when you assign the DocumentSource property of the RadPdfViewer, but on a more complex scale.

Create and show a PDF document

RadFixedDocument document = new RadFixedDocument(); 
using (RadFixedDocumentEditor editor = new RadFixedDocumentEditor(document)) 
    editor.InsertRun("Hello PDF!"); 
this.pdfViewer.Document = document; 
The fixed document contains a list of RadFixedPage objects that contain information about each page in the document. To access them, use the Pages property of RadFixedDocument.

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