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The printing feature of PdfViewer allows you to open a dialog and print the current document.

The printing feature may not work on OS versions lower than Windows 10 (21H2) due to limitation in the WinUI printing API.

To print a document, call the Print method of RadPdfViewer. This will open a print dialog with printing settings and preview of the document.

Using the Print method

Print Dialog

WinUI RadPdfViewer Print Dialog Picture

The printing action can be executed also with the built-in print button of the RadPdfViewerToolBar. To display the additional button, set the HasPrintButton property of the toolbar to true.

Showing the print button of the toolbar

telerik:RadPdfViewerToolBar RadPdfViewer="{Binding ElementName=pdfViewer, Mode=OneTime}" HasPrintButton="True"/> 
Print Button and Print Dialog

WinUI RadPdfViewer Print Button in ToolBar Picture

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