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Keyboard Support

PdfViewer provides a set of predefined key bindings that allows you to easily interact with the PDF document using the keyboard device.

The following list shows the supported key bindings:

Hotkey Action
Ctrl+C Copy
Ctrl+A Select all
Left Arrow Move caret to previous position
Right Arrow Move caret to next position
Ctrl+Left Arrow Move caret to previous word
Ctrl+Right Arrow Move caret to next word
Up Arrow Move caret to previous line
Down Arrow Move caret to next line
Home Move caret to line start
End Move caret to line end
Ctrl+Home Move caret to start of document
Ctrl+End Move caret to end of document
Shift + Arrow keys Select text

Add Custom Key Binding

To add a custom key action, you can use the KeyBindings collection property of RadPdfViewer.

Execute a Save As command on Ctrl+S

ICommand command = this.pdfViewer.CommandDescriptors.SaveAsCommandDescriptor.Command; 
var keyboardAccelerator = new KeyboardAcceleratorWithCommand(command) 
    Key = VirtualKey.S, 
    Modifiers = VirtualKeyModifiers.Control 

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