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The caret of RadSyntaxEditor is a vertical 'blinking' line that represents the current cursor position of a control that accepts text input. The appearance of the caret can be controlled by the CaretDisplayMode property. There are 4 different modes that you can choose from - Normal, Block, HalfBlock and QuarterBlock. The resulting appearance can be observed in Figure 1.

Figure 1: Caret's display mode

  • Normal - WinForms RadSyntaxEditor Normal Caret
  • Block - WinForms RadSyntaxEditor Block Caret
  • HalfBlock - WinForms RadSyntaxEditor HalfBlock Caret
  • QuarterBlock - WinForms RadSyntaxEditor QuarterBlock Caret

Setting the caret's display mode

this.radSyntaxEditor1.CaretDisplayMode = CaretDisplayMode.QuarterBlock;

Me.RadSyntaxEditor1.CaretDisplayMode = CaretDisplayMode.QuarterBlock

Hide the Caret

If you want to hide the caret, you can do so by setting the IsCaretVisible property to false. This setting can be used along with the IsReadOnly property which disallows users from making changes in the editor.

Setting the caret's display mode

this.radSyntaxEditor1.IsCaretVisible = false;
this.radSyntaxEditor1.SyntaxEditorElement.IsReadOnly = true;

Me.RadSyntaxEditor1.IsCaretVisible = False
Me.RadSyntaxEditor1.SyntaxEditorElement.IsReadOnly = True

Caret Color

Through the CaretColor property, you can change the caret's color to a color of your liking. The default color is Black.

Setting the caret's color

this.radSyntaxEditor1.CaretColor = Color.Red;

Me.RadSyntaxEditor1.CaretColor = Color.Red

Figure 2: RadSyntaxEditor caret with red color

WinForms RadSyntaxEditor with Red Caret

Caret Position

CaretPosition property provides information about the position of the caret and gives opportunity to manage it. For example, by default the caret is displayed at the beggining of the document. You can change its position so that it shows at the end of the document by using the MoveToEndOfDocument method:



Another useful methods are listed below:

  • MoveToStartOfDocument - Moves to start of document.
  • MoveToCurrentWordEnd - Moves to current word end.
  • MoveToCurrentWordStart - Moves to current word start.
  • MoveToPosition - Moves to specified position.
  • MoveToLine - Moves to line.
  • MoveToNextWord - Moves to next word.
  • MoveToPreviousWord - Moves to previous word.
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