As of R1 2020 Telerik UI for WinForms suite offers a RadSyntaxEditor control. RadSyntaxEditor is a useful text editor control which provides built-in syntax highlighting and code editing experience for popular languages. It allows users to create custom syntax highlighting of keywords and operators of their own language.


Key Features

  • Syntax highlighting - Provides syntax highlighting for procedural programming and markup languages. Also allows users to customize built-in languages or create highlighting for their own custom language.
  • Code outlining - Displays code blocks in tree structure and allows users to expand and collapse the code blocks interactively for readability. RadSyntaxEditor automatically chooses where to create outlines for built-in languages. It also allows users to create outlining for their own syntax highlighting.
  • Undo and redo - Include support for undo and redo operations that erase the last change in a document and reinsert it.
  • IntelliPrompts - RadSyntaxEditor can show IntelliPrompts for code completion and method overloading to speed up coding by reducing typos and other common mistakes.
  • Find and replace - Users can replace the specified text with the replacement text as per the conditions specified. Includes options to replace the first occurrence or all occurrences of the search text.
  • Zooming - Allows users to zoom in and out of the control up to 4 times the original font size.
  • Line numbers - Displays the line number at the start of a line for the users to identify the current number.
  • Palettes - The control comes with 4 different palettes from which you can choose from and allows for custom palettes to be created.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts - RadSyntaxEditor supports the most widely-spread keyboard hotkeys which can also be found in other text editors.
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