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Customizing the Dialogs

To customize the dialogs in RadPivotGrid/RadPivotFieldList, you can either inherit from them to override/extend the base functionality or you can create an entirely custom dialogs by implementing the corresponding dialog interface.

Figure 1: Custom Header Text

WinForms RadPivotGrid Custom Header Text

Custom AggregateOptionsDialog

The functions list displayed in the dialog can be modified. It can also be extended with custom aggregate functions. The example below adds the sample SqrtSumAggregateFunction to the list with the default functions.

The Custom Aggregation article discusses in details the API for creating custom functions as well as it includes the source code of the custom function used below.

class MyAggregateOptionsDialog : AggregateOptionsDialog
    public override void LoadSettings(Telerik.Pivot.Core.PropertyAggregateDescriptionBase aggregateDescription)
        this.Text = "This is a custom dialog";
    protected override IEnumerable<object> GetDefaultAggregateFunctions(AggregateDescriptionBase aggregateDescription)
        IEnumerable<object> functions = base.GetDefaultAggregateFunctions(aggregateDescription);
        IEnumerable<object> customFunctions = functions.Concat(new List<object> { new SqrtSumAggregateFunction() });
        return customFunctions;

Class MyAggregateOptionsDialog
    Inherits AggregateOptionsDialog
    Public Overrides Sub LoadSettings(aggregateDescription As Telerik.Pivot.Core.PropertyAggregateDescriptionBase)
        Me.Text = "This is a custom dialog"
    End Sub
    Protected Overrides Function GetDefaultAggregateFunctions(ByVal aggregateDescription As AggregateDescriptionBase) As IEnumerable(Of Object)
        Dim functions As IEnumerable(Of Object) = MyBase.GetDefaultAggregateFunctions(aggregateDescription)
        Dim customFunctions As IEnumerable(Of Object) = functions.Concat(New List(Of Object) From {New SqrtSumAggregateFunction()})
        Return customFunctions
    End Function
End Class

When RadPivotGrid and RadPivotFieldList need a dialog, they use the PivotGridDialogsFactory to create an instance of a dialog. To replace the default dialogs with your custom ones, you need to implement a custom factory as show below.

Custom PivotGridDialogsFactory

class MyDialogsFactory : PivotGridDialogsFactory
    public override IAggregateOptionsDialog CreateAggregateOptionsDialog()
        return new MyAggregateOptionsDialog();

Class MyDialogsFactory
    Inherits PivotGridDialogsFactory
    Public Overrides Function CreateAggregateOptionsDialog() As IAggregateOptionsDialog
        Return New MyAggregateOptionsDialog()
    End Function
End Class

Then, you need to assign it to RadPivotGrid and RadPivotFieldList:

Set Custom Factory

this.radPivotGrid1.DialogsFactory = new MyDialogsFactory();
this.radPivotFieldList1.DialogsFactory = new MyDialogsFactory();

Me.radPivotGrid1.DialogsFactory = New MyDialogsFactory()
Me.radPivotFieldList1.DialogsFactory = New MyDialogsFactory()

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