WinForms DropDownList Overview

RadDropDownList is an enhanced alternative to the standard Windows Forms combo box control. RadDropDownList can be bound to data sources. It allows you to replace its major components giving you control over its visual and data behavior. You can exercise control over the scrolling logic, the items layout and even the low level data binding logic by providing their own data layer.

You can review below the Key Features that RadDropDownList supports.

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WinForms RadDropDownList Overview

Key Features

  • Auto-complete: The control provides flexible auto-completion options that suggest and append text from choices in the list as the user types.
  • Filtering: RadDropDownList supports filtering of its items. In order to apply a filter, you should set the Filter property of RadDropDownList to a predicate that will be called for every data item in order to determine if the item will be visible.
  • Scrolling: In the scenatio where you cannot fit the RadListDataItems in the popup, a vertical scroll bar will appear so that you can scroll down and select the desire item. You can see the different scrolling options here.
  • Selection: RadDropDownList supports three types of selection modes which you can wxplore in this article.
  • Sorting: You can control how the items in the RadDropDownList are sorted by specifying the SortStyle property.

In the related Getting Started article you can find how to use the control with a sample scenario.

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