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TabViewItem is the control used to populate the TabView. It displays the header of the tab item and the corresponding content. TabViewItem exposes the following properties:

  • HeaderText (string)—Defines a simple text for the TabView item.
  • ImageSource (ImageSource)—Specifies the source of the image icon in the header item.
  • IsSelected (bool)—Indicated whether the item is selected.
  • IsEnabled (bool)—Defines whether the TabView Item is enabled/disabled. By default IsEnabled is True.
  • IsVisible (bool)—Specifies whether the TabView Item is visible/hidden.
  • Content (Microsoft.Maui.Controls.View)—Defines the content of the TabView Item. You can use any UI element that implements the View class.
  • ContentTemplate (DataTemplate)—Defines the content template that is displayed when the current tab is selected.

Displaying TabViewItem

To display a TabViewItem, you can add it to the Items collection of TabView or use the TabView ItemsSource.


The following example shows how to add TabView items directly to the Items collection:

<telerik:RadTabView x:Name="tabView">
    <telerik:TabViewItem HeaderText="Home" />
    <telerik:TabViewItem HeaderText="Folder" />
    <telerik:TabViewItem HeaderText="View" />

Defining Content

You can define the content of a TabViewItem via its Content property or ContentTemplate property.

Example with Content Property

<telerik:RadTabView x:Name="tabView" AutomationId="tabView">
    <telerik:TabViewItem HeaderText="Home">
        <Label Margin="10" Text="This is the content of the Home tab" />
    <telerik:TabViewItem HeaderText="Folder">
        <Label Margin="10" Text="This is the content of the Folder tab" />
    <telerik:TabViewItem HeaderText="View">
        <Label Margin="10" Text="This is the content of the View tab" />

The TabView control displays only the content of the selected item.

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