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RangeSlider for .NET MAUI can display a tooltip to indicate the currently selected range to the end-user. The toolip is shown as soon as the user starts dragging the start thumb, the range track or the end thumb.

Check below the customization options for the RangeSlider tooltip:

  • TooltipStringFormat(string)—Defines a custom string format that is used for displaying the content of the tooltip.
  • TooltipTemplate(DataTemplate)—Sets a template or template selector that defines the content of the tooltip.
  • TooltipControlTemplate(ControlTemplate)—Sets the control template of the tooltip that defines its overall appearance.

Check below a quick example with setting TooltipStringFormat and TooltipTemplate properties:

1. Add the custom DataTemplate to your page resources:

<DataTemplate x:Key="CustomTooltipTemplate">
    <Label Text="{Binding FormattedValue}"
           TextColor="{OnPlatform Default='#674BB2', Android='#EDEAF6', iOS='#EDEAF6'}"
           FontAttributes="Bold, Italic"
           Margin="5" />

2. Define the RangeSlider:

<telerik:RadRangeSlider Minimum="0"
                        TooltipContentTemplate="{StaticResource CustomTooltipTemplate}" />

Check the RangeSlider modified tooltip below:

Telerik RangeSlider for .NET MAUI Tooltip

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