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.NET MAUI Entry Styling

The Entry provides styling options for setting the appearance of its border and font.

Entry Style

Style the entry using the following properties:

  • CornerRadius(Microsoft.Maui.CornerRadius)
  • BackgroundColor(Microsoft.Maui.Graphics)

Clear Button Style

Style the Clear button which is displayed by default when entering text in the control using the following properties:

  • ClearButtonColor(Microsoft.Maui.Graphics)—Defines the color of the Clear button.
  • HoveredClearButtonColor(Microsoft.Maui.Graphics)—Defines the color of the Clear button when the button is hovered. The color appears only on desktop(Windows and macOS).
  • PressedClearButtonColor(Microsoft.Maui.Graphics)—Defines the color of the Clear button when the button is clicked.

Font Options

The Entry control has the following properties for defining the font options:

  • FontAttributes
  • FontFamily
  • FontSize
  • FontAutoScalingEnabled

The following example demonstrates how to apply the font options to the Entry.

    <telerik:RadEntry Text="Normal Text" x:Name="entry"/>
    <telerik:RadEntry Text="Bold Text - Large" FontAttributes="Bold" FontSize="Large" />
    <telerik:RadEntry Text="Italic Text - Medium" FontAttributes="Italic" FontSize="Medium"/>
    <telerik:RadEntry Text="Italic and Bold Text - Small"  FontSize="Small" x:Name="smallEntry"/>
    <telerik:RadEntry Text="Micro Text"  FontSize="Micro" />

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