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.NET MAUI Entry Validation

The Telerik UI for .NET MAUI entry control provides validation mechanism. If the user is entering a value not matching the requirements, the Entry will display an error message, which you can customize.

  • IsValueValid(bool)—Specifies whether the Text entered inside the control is valid. The default value is true.

  • ValidationErrorMessage(string)—Specifies the error message which is displayed when the text entered inside the control is not valid.

<telerik:RadEntry ValidationErrorMessage="Value is not valid"
                  Placeholder="Enter text here"

And the namespace used:

  • The Entry control in MacCatalyst is preserving space on its right side for the error icon. If developers are not using the validation feature of the Entry, the control has an API that makes the control takes its entire space - the ReserveSpaceForErrorView(bool) property. The default value is true. The image below shows the error icon that is displayed inside the reserved space:

Entry validation

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