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.NET MAUI Entry Commands

When using Telerik UI for .NET MAUI Entry control, you can use the following commands:

  • ReturnCommand(ICommand)—Execute when the return key of the keyboard is pressed.

The ReturnCommand has a command parameter—ReturnCommandParameter which can be used to pass a parameter to the command execute method.

When using MVVM design pattern use the Entry's Commands instead of the event handler.

<telerik:RadEntry x:Name="entry"
                  ReturnCommand="{Binding EntryReturnCommand}"/>
public MainPage()

  this.BindingContext = new ViewModel();
public class ViewModel
    public ViewModel()
        EntryReturnCommand = new Command(EntryReturn);

    public Command EntryReturnCommand { get; set; }

    private void EntryReturn()
    // implement your logic here

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