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.NET MAUI Chart Categorical Axis

When the Cartesian Chart visualizes Categorical Series, it needs an axis that can represents the different categories. Categories are built depending on the CategoryBinding value of each categorical data point in the owning Categorical Series. The axis is divided into discrete slots and each data point is visualized in the slot corresponding to its categorical value.

The CategoricalAxis inherits from the base Axis class. For more information, refer to the article on inherited properties.


The Categorical Axis exposes the following properties:

  • GapLength—Defines the distance (in logical units [0,1]) between two adjacent categories. The default value is 0.3. For example, if you have Bar Series, you can decrease the space between the bars from the different categories by setting the GapLength to a value lower than 0.3.
  • MajorTickInterval—Defines the step at which major ticks are generated. The default value is 1. This property will also affect axis labels as they are generated based on a major tick basis.
  • PlotMode—Defines the strategy used to position data points along the axis category slots. The possible values are BetweenTicks and OnTicks.
  • MajorTickBackgroundColor—Specifies the major ticks color.
  • MajorTickThickness—Specifies the thickness of the major ticks.


The following example shows how to format the axis labels on the Categorical Axis.

1. Create the needed business objects:

public class CategoricalData
    public object Category { get; set; }
    public double Value { get; set; }

2. Create a ViewModel:

public class CategoricalDataViewModel
    public ObservableCollection<CategoricalData> Data { get; set; }

    public CategoricalDataViewModel()
        this.Data = GetCategoricalData();

    private static ObservableCollection<CategoricalData> GetCategoricalData()
        var data = new ObservableCollection<CategoricalData>
            new CategoricalData { Category = "A", Value = 101 },
            new CategoricalData { Category = "B", Value = 45 },
            new CategoricalData { Category = "C", Value = 77 },
            new CategoricalData { Category = "D", Value = 15 },
            new CategoricalData { Category = "E", Value = 56 },
        return data;

3. se the following snippet to declare the RadChart in XAML or in C#:

        <telerik:CategoricalAxis PlotMode="OnTicks"
        <telerik:NumericalAxis LabelFitMode="MultiLine"/>
        <telerik:BarSeries ItemsSource="{Binding Data}"

The following image shows the end result.


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