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Bookmarks (Outlines)

Bookmarks or Outlines are a tree-structured hierarchy that the reader presents as a visual table of contents separated from the actual content as a side panel. The Bookmark items allow users, by interacting with them, to navigate through parts of the document and/or invoke different actions. PdfProcessing enables you to create bookmarks, modify existing ones and save the changes into the PDF document.

BookmarkItem Class

This is the class representing a single bookmark inside the model of PdfProcessing. Each bookmark can have the following characteristics described in the respective properties:

  • IsExpanded: Determines whether the bookmark item is open or closed by default. An item is open when its children are visible upon opening the document in a viewer.

  • Action: Gets the action to be performed when this bookmark item is activated. For more information on how to work with actions, check the Action help topic.

  • Destination: Gets the destination to be displayed when this bookmark item is activated. For more information on how to work with destinations, check the Destination help topic.

  • NamedDestination: Gets the named destination to be displayed when this bookmark item is activated. Check the Named Destinations topic for more details about these objects.

  • TextStyle: Gets or sets the style characteristics for displaying the bookmark item's text. This property is of type BookmarkItemStyles. This type is a set of flags and can have the following values: Normal, Italic and/or Bold.

  • TextColor: Gets or sets the color of the bookmark item's text in RGB color space.

  • Title: Gets or sets the text to be displayed in the viewer's navigation pane for this bookmark item.

  • Children: Gets the immediate child elements for this bookmark item.

Working with BookmarkItem

The BookmarkItem class exposes several constructor overloads which enable you to set the title of the bookmark as well as what should be executed when the users click on it.

  • BookmarkItem(string title, Action action)
  • BookmarkItem(string title, Destination destination)
  • BookmarkItem(string title, NamedDestination namedDestination)

Example 1: Creating a bookmark and setting its properties

Location location = new Location(); 
location.Page = document.Pages[0]; 
location.Left = 10; 
location.Top = 10; 
BookmarkItem bookmark = new BookmarkItem("Title", location); 
bookmark.TextColor = new RgbColor(255, 0, 255); 
bookmark.TextStyle = BookmarkItemStyles.Bold | BookmarkItemStyles.Italic; 
bookmark.IsExpanded = true; 

Bookmarks Collection

The Bookmarks property exposed through the RadFixedDocument class allows you to access all the bookmarks in a document so you can add, remove or reorder them. This property is a collection of BookmarkItem objects which represent each bookmark.

Inserting a bookmark in a document is achieved by adding it to the Bookmarks collection. Example 2 shows adding the BookmarkItem created in Example 1

Example 2: Adding a bookmark to a document

Removing a bookmark is pretty similar to adding one. In Example 3, the second bookmark inside the document is removed.

Example 3: Removing a bookmark from a document

BookmarkItem bookmark = document.Bookmarks[1]; 
In case you need to iterate all the bookmarks in a document, keep in mind that each BookmarkItem can contain other bookmarks in its Children collection. If you are encountering such a case, you will need to iterate the Bookmarks collection recursively.

Example 4: Iterate through all bookmarks

private static void IterateBookmarks(RadFixedDocument document) 
    foreach (BookmarkItem bookmark in document.Bookmarks) 
private static void IterateBookmarksHierarchy(BookmarkItem bookmark) 
    foreach (BookmarkItem child in bookmark.Children) 

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