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RadFixedDocument hosts fixed document content and is the root element in the document elements tree. It holds a collection of RadFixedPage elements.

This article will get you familiar with the basics of RadFixedDocument. It contains the following sections:

What Is RadFixedDocument

RadFixedDocument is the root that contains all other elements in the RadPdfProcessing model. It exposes the following properties:

  • Pages: The pages collection that contains all RadFixedPages in the document.
  • Annotations: A read-only collection that contains all Annotations in the document.
  • Destinations: A collection that contains all Destinations in the document.
  • DocumentInfo: Contains additional meta information about the document like author, title, etc.

Example 1 shows how you can create a new RadFixedDocument instance.

Example 1: Create RadFixedDocument

RadFixedDocument document = new RadFixedDocument(); 

Operating with RadFixedDocument

There are different actions, which you can execute with the help of RadFixedDocument. For example, you can add a RadFixedPage to an existing document.

Example 2 adds a page to the document created in Example 1.

Example 2: Add page to RadFixedDocument

RadFixedPage page = document.Pages.AddPage(); 

Alternatively, you can create new RadFixedPage and add it to the Pages collection of a document.

Example 3 creates a page and adds it to the document created in Example 1.

Example 3: Create and add a page to RadFixedDocument

RadFixedPage page = new RadFixedPage(); 
Example 4 shows you how you could obtain a copy of a RadFixedDocument.

Example 4: Clone a document

RadFixedDocument clonedDocument = originalDocument.Clone(); 

You can merge PDF documents out-of-the-box with the Merge() method of RadFixedDocument. This method clones the source document and appends it to the current instance of RadFixedDocument.

Example 5: Merge documents

The code from Example 5 merges the document created in Example 1 with another RadFixedDocument.

Document Information

RadFixedDocument exposes a DocumentInfo property of type RadFixedDocumentInfo, intended to hold additional information about the document. The RadFixedDocumentInfo class allows to set the following properties:

  • Author: The author of the document.
  • Title: The title of the document.
  • Description: Text that describes the content of the document.

Example 6: Set DocumentInfo

document.DocumentInfo.Author = "Jane Doe"; 
document.DocumentInfo.Title = "RadFixedDocument"; 
document.DocumentInfo.Description = "This document is intended to explain the RadFixedDocument class from the RadPdfProcessing library"; 

Currently the DocumentInfo property is for export purposes only and meta information about documents is stripped when importing.

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