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PdfFormatProvider provides you with the ability to import/export PDF documents. Additionally, you can take advantage of the import/export settings that give you modification options.

Import Settings

You can specify the import settings you wish through the ImportSettings property of PdfFormatProvider.The available import settings are listed below:


Gets or sets the mode for loading the document pages content on import.

  • ReadAllAtOnce: All document pages content will be loaded on import. This is the default behavior.
  • OnDemand: The document pages content will be loaded on demand. This mode is made for using with PdfViewers and only the currently visible page will be loaded.

Currently, the OnDemand mode should be applied for use with viewers only.

This property is available since R2 2020.


Gets or sets whether to copy the document stream on import. When false and ReadingMode is OnDemand, the original stream must be kept open while the document is in use. When true, the original stream can be disposed after import, regardless of the reading mode.


The event is fired when a user password is needed to open the document. The password can be specified in the PasswordNeededEventArgs.Password property.

Example 1 shows how you can create a PdfImportSettings object and assign it to a PdfFormatProvider.

Example 1: Import settings

PdfFormatProvider provider = new PdfFormatProvider(); 
PdfImportSettings settings = new PdfImportSettings(); 
settings.UserPasswordNeeded += (s, a) => 
    a.Password = "D0cum3ntP4ssw0rd"; 
provider.ImportSettings = settings; 

Export Settings

In order to modify the way content is exported, you can set the ExportSettings property of PdfFormatProvider. These are the modification options you can use:


This property specifies if the document should be encrypted. The default value is False. The encryption algorithm used when exporting encrypted documents is RC4.

This setting is ignored when ComplianceLevel differs from None as PDF/A compliant documents do not allow encryption.


The password to be used if the document is encrypted. The default password is an empty string.


The ImageQuality property specifies the quality with which images are exported to PDF. More information about how it works is available in this article.

.NET Standard specification does not define APIs for converting images or scaling their quality. That is why to allow the library to export images different than Jpeg and Jpeg2000 or ImageQuality different than High, you will need to provide an implementation of the JpegImageConverterBase abstract class. This implementation should be passed to the JpegImageConverter property of the of FixedExtensibilityManager. For more information check the Cross-Platform Support help article.


Specifies the PDF/A compliance level. It can have one of the following values:

  • None: Specify no compliance level.
  • PdfA1B: Specify PDF/A-1b compliance level.
  • PdfA2B: Specify PDF/A-2b compliance level.
  • PdfA2U: Specify PDF/A-2u compliance level.
  • PdfA3B: Specify PDF/A-3b compliance level.
  • PdfA3U: Specify PDF/A-3u compliance level.

The default value is None. For more information on PDF/A compliance, check the PDF/A Compliance article.

Example 2 shows how you can create a PdfExportSettings object and assign it to a PdfFormatProvider.

Example 2: Export settings

PdfFormatProvider provider = new PdfFormatProvider(); 
PdfExportSettings settings = new PdfExportSettings(); 
settings.ImageQuality = ImageQuality.Medium; 
settings.ComplianceLevel = PdfComplianceLevel.PdfA2B; 
provider.ExportSettings = settings; 

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