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Snippets in Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code snippets are templates that make it easier to enter repetitive code patterns. Use the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core code snippets for fast declaration of components with their most used features.

Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Snippets

The Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Visual Studio Code Productivity Tools provide snippets for the components listed in the table below in both flavors—HTML Helpers and Tag Helpers. Type tc—short for Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core—or the name of component you wish to add.

You can access the code snippets pack by installing the Telerik UI for ASP.NET Core Visual Studio Code productivity extension.

Component Html Helper snippet TagHelper snippet
Data Management
Grid tc-grid-html tc-grid-tag
Bound Grid Column tc-gridcolumn-html tc-gridcolumn-tag
Sticky Grid Column tc-gridcolumn-sticky-html tc-gridcolumn-sticky-tag
Frozen Grid Column tc-gridcolumn-frozen-html tc-gridcolumn-frozen-tag
AutoComplete tc-autocomplete-html tc-autocomplete-tag
CheckBox tc-checkbox-html tc-checkbox-tag
CheckBoxGroup tc-checkboxgroup-html tc-checkboxgroup-tag
ColorPicker tc-colorpicker-html tc-colorpicker-tag
ComboBox tc-combobox-html tc-combobox-tag
DateInput tc-dateinput-html tc-dateinput-tag
DatePicker tc-datepicker-html tc-datepicker-tag
DateRangePicker tc-daterangepicker-html tc-daterangepicker-tag
DateTimePicker tc-datetimepicker-html tc-datetimepicker-tag
DropDownList tc-dropdownlist-html tc-dropdownlist-tag
DropDownTree tc-dropdowntree-html tc-dropdowntree-tag
Editor tc-editor-html tc-editor-tag
MaskedTextBox tc-maskedtextbox-html tc-maskedtextbox-tag
MultiColumnComboBox tc-multicolumncombobox-html tc-multicolumncombobox-tag
MultiSelect tc-multiselect-html tc-multiselect-tag
NumericTextBox tc-numerictextbox-html tc-numerictextbox-tag
Rating tc-rating-html tc-rating-tag
RadiButton tc-radiobutton-html tc-radiobutton-tag
RadioGroup tc-radiogroup-html tc-radiogroup-tag
Switch tc-switch-html tc-switch-tag
TextArea tc-textarea-html tc-textarea-tag
TextBox tc-textbox-html tc-textbox-tag
TimePicker tc-timepicker-html tc-timepicker-tag
Upload tc-upload-html tc-upload-tag
Button tc-button-html tc-button-tag
Dialog tc-dialog-html tc-dialog-tag
Window tc-window-html tc-window-tag
Form tc-form-html tc-form-tag
Form Item tc-formitem-html tc-formitem-tag

For further details on using snipets, creating personalized snippets or disabling snippets refer to the official Visual Studio Code documentation.

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