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Telerik UI for Unity XR is a collection of Unity assets. It consists of several packages that aim at speeding up the AR/VR development process. Each of these Unity packages handles a specific aspect of the application. Based on your requirements, you may choose to either download individual Telerik UI packages from the Unity Asset Store or to get the Telerik XR Complete solution which provides all available features together with integration demos. For more information, see the Telerik UI for Unity XR product page.

Unity Packages

Telerik UI for Unity XR consists of the following Unity packages:

Unity Asset Store

To give you the opportunity to select only the assets that you need for your project, Telerik offers various asset bundles that you can purchase from the Unity Asset Store. Each bundle includes specific Unity packages:

  • Telerik XR Motions—contains Telerik XR Motions and Telerik XR Core packages.
  • Telerik XR Interactions—contains Telerik XR Interactions and Telerik XR Core packages.
  • Telerik XR CanvasUI—contains Telerik XR CanvasUI and Telerik XR Core packages.
  • Telerik XR Complete—contains all of the above listed packages including the Telerik XR Integration package which provides prefabs and sample scenes demonstrating how to integrate the functionalities between the all Telerik packages.

Getting Started

You can start using the Unity packages immediately by checking the Getting Started articles:

Support Options

Telerik’s team has always been committed to helping our clients to get the maximum of our products and achieve the project goals. We are always eager to get client’s feedback because we know that this is the right way to be aligned with developers’ needs and build our roadmap based on the most wanted functionalities. You can reach out to us or share your feedback using the following communication channels:

  • By writing to the following email: uiforxr@telerik.com
  • By using the comment section of the purchased assets in the Unity Asset Store.

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