Telerik XR Complete Demo Scene

When you look at the Demos subfolder in the XR Integration package, you will find a scene called Telerik XR Complete Demo. This scene is showcasing most of the features combined from all packages inside the Telerik assets folder. To run the demo, you can either open the scene directly or install a copy from the Package Manager Samples section. More information on both approaches is available in the Running the Demos documentation article.

XR Complete Demo


The demo scene uses the XR Rig Complete prefab and supports all its predefined motions gestures—both for controller and hand tracking.

To move in the scene with controllers, you have two general options—using continuous movement by moving the left joystick forward or using teleportation curve by using the left or right controller joystick. Which movement is active depends on the current LocomotionUserSettings scriptable object values. Additionally, you may change the view direction either by moving the right joystick in a side direction or by rotating the joystick while it has activated a teleportation curve. The following screenshot shows a teleportation curve activated with a controller joystick and the target which is slightly rotated left to change the view direction after teleporting:

XR Complete Demo Movement

If you build the sample scene as apk file and deploy it to an Oculus Quest device, you can use hand tracking for the movements. For this purpose, you may try the Hand-L Teleportation Gesture which is activated with the following steps:

  1. Close all fingers except the thumb and index fingers. The thumb and the index fingers will form the letter "L" which explains the name of the gesture.

  2. Move your hand so that it is well visible by the hand tracking device (for instance, the cameras of an Oculus Quest device).

At this point, the teleportation curve is activated and you can trigger the teleportation:

  1. To select the teleportation target position, move your hand around you.

  2. To execute the actual teleportation, close your index finger as if you are pressing a trigger (while still keeping the thumb open).

The Hand-L Teleportation Gesture with activated teleportation curve is shown on the following screenshot:

XR Complete Demo Movement

To successfully build and deploy the app with Oculus Quest hand tracking:

  • In your project's Assets folder, add the android manifest file that should be positioned within the following subfolder hierarchy: Plugins/Android/AndroidManifest.xml

This manifest file must contain the oculus-related uses-permission and uses-feature described in the Oculus documentation. Additionally, when building the application, you must have activated the Oculus XR plugin which may be installed from the XR Plug-in Management section in the Unity Project Settings.

Canvas UI

The demo scene also includes a Canvas with the supported controls from the Telerik XR CanvasUI package. The Locomotion settings section of this UI is actually connected to the LocomotionUserSettings asset, so you will be able to change the movement setting runtime by interacting with the UI controls. Additionally, you will notice two text fields. Moving the focus to one of those fields repositions the Telerik Keyboard next to it, and you may start typing text in the chosen box. When clicking some of the other UI controls on this canvas, the text field will lose focus and the keyboard will be hidden.

XR Complete Demo Canvas UI


As the scene uses the XR Rig Complete prefab, it supports all UI interactions both with controller and with hand tracking. While using the controller, you may use the ControllerPointer for distant interaction with the UI elements. While using hand tracking, you may either use distant interactions with the HandPointer by moving the index and thumb fingers close to each other, or you may try the close interaction with index and thumb FingerPointer. More information on this is available in the Pointers prefab documentation article.

XR Complete Demo Interactions

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