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SqlDataSource Component Overview

The SqlDataSource component enables data items to display data located in a relational database, including Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases, as well as OLE DB and ODBC data sources, using little or no code. Using SqlDataSource allows you to access and display data in a report without using ADO.NET classes directly. You provide a connection string to connect to the database and define the SQL statement or the stored procedure to retrieve the data. At run time, SqlDataSource automatically opens the database connection, executes the SQL statement or stored procedure, returns the selected data, and then closes the connection. The SqlDataSource component would list and work with any ADO.NET provider that is correctly registered on the device. The list with ADO.NET providers is taken as described in Obtaining the DbProviderFactory MSDN article and lists all of the provider factories registered in the machine.config.

Supported providers

The SqlDataSource component uses ADO.NET classes to interact with any database supported by ADO.NET. This includes, but is not limited to:

Provider Name Invariant Name Description
SqlClient Data Provider System.Data.SqlClient .Net Framework Data Provider for SqlServer
OracleClient Data Provider System.Data.OracleClient .Net Framework Data Provider for Oracle
OleDb Data Provider System.Data.OleDb .Net Framework Data Provider for OleDb
Odbc Data Provider System.Data.Odbc .Net Framework Data Provider for Odbc
MySQL Data Provider MySql.Data.MySqlClient .Net Framework Data Provider for MySQL
Oracle Data Provider for .NET Oracle.DataAccess.Client Oracle Data Provider for .NET

Supported developer platforms

  • .NET Framework 4.0 and above
  • .NET 6 and above
  • .NET Standard 2.0 and above
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