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This topic covers the specific events exposed by the RadAIPrompt control.


The PromptRequest event is raised when the user clicks on the input button. The event arguments are of the type of PromptRequestEventArgs and expose the following properties:

  • InputText—Gets the text, with which the prompt was initiated. Can be the text in the input textbox or the InputText property of an already generated item in case of retry.
  • IsRetry—Gets a boolean value indicating whether the event was initiated to retry for an already generated response.

Using the PromptRequest event to add a new response in the AIPrompt control

private void OnPromptRequested(object sender, PromptRequestEventArgs e) 
    RadAIPrompt radAIPrompt = (RadAIPrompt)sender; 
    //You can pass the e.InputText property to your AI model, in order to receive a response. 
    AIPromptOutputItemModel responseAIPromptOutputItemModel = new AIPromptOutputItemModel() 
        Title = "My Title", 
        InputText = e.InputText, 
        ResponseText = "My AI model response", // Here you can set the string value returned from your AI model 
    //Adding the response from your AI model to the RadAIPrompt control 

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