WinUI HubTile Overview

RadHubTile is a rectangular UI element designed specifically to update itself dynamically and show the latest up to date information from different services or apps even when they are not running.

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The HubTile is part of Telerik UI for WinUI, a professional grade UI component library for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

WinUI RadHubTile Overview

Key Features

  • Title: Customizable titles through the Title and TitleTemplate properties.
  • Command support: The control supports executing a command when the tile is clicked.
  • BackContent: Customizable content for its back side. The control periodically flips between its back and front states.
  • Different variations: Six variations of RadHubTile which differ in the type of information they visualize and variety of effects:
    • RadHubTile: A tile used to display information such as how many notifications you have in your inbox, or how many tasks are left in your TODO list, etc.
    • RadIconHubTile: A tile that allows for an IconSource to be displayed as its content.
    • RadSlideHubTile: Contains two pieces of contents where you can put text or pictures. The visual effect supported by this tile includes three states:
      • Shows the bottom content.
      • Shows the top half of the bottom content and the bottom half of the top content.
      • Shows the top content.
    • RadPictureRotatorHubTile: Displays one picture at a time and rotates random pictures of a collection of image URIs.
    • RadMosaicHubTile: Consists of smaller tiles, which flip randomly to show pictures from a collection of image URIs.
    • RadCustomHubTile: Is a custom HubTile that allows you to put anything from text to a dynamically updating mini UI in it.

Check out the Getting Started help article that shows how to use the RadDataGrid in a basic scenario.

You can check out our demos application, which showcases the controls from the Telerik UI for WinUI suite. You can take a look at the Examples Application article, which describes how you can navigate to the download page.

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