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The RadMosaicHubTile allows for displaying a collection of pictures similarly to the RadPictureRotatorHubTile, however the RadMosaicHubTile displays the images in a mosaic pattern.


The RadMosaicHubTile exposes the following properties on top of the common ones for all tiles:

  • PicturesSource (IEnumerable): Gets or sets the source that contains all the pictures. Pictures are randomly chosen from this collection when an image needs to be displayed.
  • PictureSourceProvider (IImageSourceProvider): Gets or sets the implementation that is used to provide a custom image source resolution routine.
  • FlipModeProperty (MosaicFlipMode): Determines how the cells of the mosaic tile are flipped. The cells can either flip individually or one row at a time.
  • TileStyle (Style): Gets or sets a style that is applied to each individual MosaicTile inside RadMosaicHubTile.

The PicturesSource and PictureSourceProvider can be setup in the same manner as in Examples 1-4 from the RadPictureRotatorHubTile article.

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