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CancelEdit Command

The CanEdit command provides an entry point just before the editing is canceled.

Execution Parameter

The execution parameter is of type EditContext that exposes the following properties:

  • CellInfo—Gets the cell information associated with the operation.
  • TriggerAction—Gets the SourceTriggerAction value that triggered the operation.
  • Parameter—Gets an optional parameter holding additional information associated with the operation.

Custom CancelEdit Command

The following examples show how to create a class that inherits from the DataGridCommand and add it to the Commands collection.

Create a Custom CancelEdit Command

public class CustomCancelEditCommand : DataGridCommand 
    public CustomCancelEditCommand() 
        this.Id = CommandId.CancelEdit; 
    public override bool CanExecute(object parameter) 
        return true; 
    public override void Execute(object parameter) 
        var context = parameter as EditContext; 
        // put your custom logic here 
        // Executes the default implementation of this command 
        this.Owner.CommandService.ExecuteDefaultCommand(CommandId.CancelEdit, context); 

Add the Custom Command to the Commands Collection

<Grid xmlns:grid="using:Telerik.UI.Xaml.Controls.Grid"> 
    <grid:RadDataGrid Width="600" Height="460" x:Name="grid" Hold> 

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