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Visual Structure

This article presents the visual elements of the DataForm component.

  • Collection Navigation Buttons—Enable running through the items either with a single step back and forth or by jumping to the first or last item.
  • Add Button—Inserts a new item into the items collection.
  • Edit Button—Enables the editing of the current item.
  • Delete Button—Deletes the currently displayed item.
  • Data Field—Represents a property of the current data item.
  • Data Field Label—Displays the name of the associated field.
  • Property Editor—Presents the editor for updating the associated field of the current data item.
  • Commit Button—Saves the changes, made in the UI, to the associated data item.
  • Cancel Button—Reverts the changes made in the UI.
  • Button Tooltip—Displays a tooltip on a button hover.

WinUI RadDataForm

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