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The DataForm exclusively relies on data binding.

Any changes in the component are actually committed when the respective bindings push the changes back to their sources. In this way, "commit" actually refers to a confirmation that the processed data has passed all validation checks and the user is willing to end the editing operation and persist the current edited state of the item. On the other hand, "cancel", when available, will revert the state of the item to its initial one.

This article describes the alternating behavior of the DataForm for committing pending changes.

Enabled AutoCommit

By default, the AutoCommit property of the DataForm is enabled and set to True. When AutoCommit is enabled, the component automatically commits any changes in the current item when a command different from Delete or Cancel is performed.

DataForm in View Mode with Enabled AutoCommit

WinUI RadDataForm raddataform-auto-commit-1

When entering the edit mode (AutoCommit is True), all commands except for BeginEdit are enabled.

DataForm in Edit Mode with Enabled AutoCommit

WinUI RadDataForm raddataform-auto-commit-2

Applying changes to the current item keeps the commands enabled. Moving to the next item will automatically commit the current edit operation.

Disabled AutoCommit

To properly utilize the disabled AutoCommit mode, the DataForm requires its business type to implement INotifyPropertyChanged. If the INotifyPropertyChanged interface is not implemented, the component acquires its default behavior.

A DataForm with disabled AutoCommit forces its users to commit any changes by using the CommitEdit command (the Save button). The commands for Cancel, Delete, and Save are enabled if any present changes are uncommitted. In that case, all other commands are disabled.

DataForm in View Mode with Disabled AutoCommit

WinUI RadDataForm raddataform-auto-commit-3

When entering the edit mode, the Commit and Cancel commands are initially disabled because no pending changes to commit or cancel are available. All other commands are enabled.

DataForm in Edit Mode with Disabled AutoCommit

WinUI RadDataForm raddataform-auto-commit-4

When changes are applied, the Navigation and AddNew commands become disabled until the editing operation is committed or cancelled.

As the Text property binding of the TextBox is triggered on the LostFocus event of the DataForm, all UI-initiated modifications are regarded as changes even before the respective property value is updated. The user experience must not vary when different AutoEdit options are used alongside any AutoCommit modes.

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