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RadPdfViewer providers options to display the pdf pages as thumbnails for easier navigation.

Figure 1 Thumbnails

WinForms RadPdfViewer Thumbnails

You can control whether the thumbnail element is visible by setting the EnableThumbnail property.

Enable Thumbnails

this.radPdfViewer1.EnableThumbnails = true;

Me.radPdfViewer1.EnableThumbnails = True

Thumbnails API

You can show or hide the thumbnails programmatically with following methods ShowThumbnails, HideThumbnails:

Show/Hide Thumbnails



You can customize the size of the thumbnails with ThumbnailsScaleFactor property. This property sets the size of the thumbnails between 0 and 1 where 1 is the page in full size. By default this property is set to 0.15 which means 15% of the normal page size.


this.radPdfViewer1.ThumbnailListWidth = 300;

Me.radPdfViewer1.ThumbnailListWidth = 300

You can customize the width of the thumbnails list with the ThumbnailListWidth property. Default value of this property is 200.


this.radPdfViewer1.ThumbnailListWidth = 300;

Me.radPdfViewer1.ThumbnailListWidth = 300

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