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Interactive Forms

With RadPdfViewer, you can provide the end users the ability to show, fill and save documents containing interactive forms (available from R3 2017).

The control renders each field according to its type and provides an easy way for the user to edit its value. Figure 1 shows a document containing text, choice, radio button and check box fields.

Figure 1: Interactive form fields in RadPdfViewer

WinForms RadPdfViewer Interactive form fields in RadPdfViewer

In the versions between R1 and R3 2017, the content of the interactive forms is visualized read-only. The interactions with the form fields are supported since R3 2017.

Working with Interactive Forms in Code-Behind

The form fields in a document are preserved in its AcroForm property. You can obtain a form field value through the FormFields collection of the AcroForm.

The UI of RadPdfViewer responds to interactive changes in field values (through mouse interaction with the UI) and it is not recommended to change the field collection in code. If you change the field values from your code, this may lead to unpredictable UI behavior and the applied changes will not be saved when using the SaveAs command.

After filling the forms, you can save the document using the Save As command.

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