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Visual Structure

This article describes the visual structure of RadPdfViewer.

Element structure

RadPdfViewer has the following element structure:

Figure 1: RadPdfViewer`s Element Hierarchy

WinForms RadPdfViewer RadPdfViewer`s Element Hierarchy

Figure 2: RadPdfViewer`s Structure

WinForms RadPdfViewer RadPdfViewer`s Structure

  1. RadPdfViewerContainer: Container element.

  2. RadPdfViewerElement: Main UI element responsible for dispaying the pages.

  3. RadFixedPageElement: Represents an element which displays a single PDF page.

  4. RadScrollBarElement: Elements representing the horizontal or vertical scroll which allows you to pan and scroll the document.

  5. ThumbnailListElement: Main UI element holding the page thumbnails.

  6. ThumbnailListHeaderElement: Header element.

  7. RadLabelElement: Displays a title.

  8. RadButtonElement: Button element responsible for showing or hiding the thumbnails.

  • PdfViewerStackContainer: Represents a virtualized container for RadFixedPageElements.

  • RadWaitingBarElement: Waiting indicator which is only visible while loading a document.

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