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RadPdfViewer control provides functionality for rotating the pages of the loaded document. You can programmatically rotate the document pages through the Rotate method or the RotationAngle property.

WinForms RadPdfViewer Rotation Overview

The Rotate method is intended to rotate the pages of the loaded document at the specified angle relative to its initial position. The method takes a single argument of type RotationAngle. The RotationAngle is an enumeration that specifies the angle at which the document should be rotated. The possible values are: Degrees0, Degrees90, Degrees180, Degrees270.

Using the Rotate method:



You can use the RotationAngle property to rotate the pages or get the current rotation angle.

Using RotationAngle property

radPdfViewer1.RotationAngle = RotationAngle.Degrees270;

radPdfViewer1.RotationAngle = RotationAngle.Degrees270

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