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Logical Structure

This article describes the logical structure of RadPdfViewer.


When LoadDocument finishes loading a document, a new RadFixedDocument instance is created. RadFixedDocument represents logically a single PDF document. The members that RadFixedDocument exposes are:

  • Pages: A collection of RadFixedPage items created for the current document in the viewer.

  • Selection: Information about the current selection in the document.

  • Annotations: A collection of all annotations (such as links) in the current document.

  • Destinations: A collection of all destinations (roughly said “bookmarks”) in the document that have links to them.

  • CaretPosition: The current position of the caret.


RadFixedPage represents logically a single page of a document. The Pages collection of RadFixedDocument consists of such objects and they are used as data items by the virtualized RadFixedPageElement.

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