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Getting Started with WinForms ToolbarForm

This topic will walk you through the creating process of RadToolbarForm.

1. Create a blank new Telerik WinForms application using the standard template.

2. Add a new Toolbar form from Visual Studio. Go to Project -> Add Windows Form and then select Telerik RadToolbarForm.

WinForms RadToolbarForm VS Template

3. From the Smart Tag we can populate each of the three sections of the RadToolbarForm.

WinForms RadToolbarForm Getting Started Smart Tag

4. From the Collection Editor window you can choose from a variety of elements to populate each of the three sections of the control.

WinForms RadToolbarForm Collection Editor

5. Go to the Program.cs and change the startup form.

WinForms RadToolbarForm Startup Form

In VB.NET this can be done from the project's properties.

WinForms RadToolbarForm VB Startup Form

5. Start the application.

WinForms RadToolbarForm Getting Started

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