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Application Deployment

When you use Telerik controls in your WinForms application, your application must have references to several of Telerik assemblies. These references are automatically added to your project when you drag and drop controls or component on your form. There are three assemblies required in general and the rest are added only if you are using a specific control that requires some other assembly. In summary, most of the time you will not have to add references to all Telerik assemblies. Also in general, the assembly references will be added automatically and they will refer to the assemblies installed in the GAC by Telerik WinForms installer. 

RadMarkupEditor and RadMarkupDialog require a reference to Microsoft.mshtml assembly and if you need to use them at Run Time you will need to distribute this assembly to the end user computers as well. You do not need to do anything on your developer machine, because Visual Studio provides the required assembly. Also if your application does not use the editor or the dialog, you do not need a reference to this assembly.

Deployment Strategies


This is the simplest strategy. For each Telerik assembly reference in the Solution Explorer, open its context menu, click on properties and in the property grid set the Copy Local property of the reference to True.

installation-deployment-and-distribution-application-deployment 001

Thus these Telerik assemblies will be copied to your Release/Bin, Debug/Bin folders. You application deployment consists of copying the exe, dlls, xmls files to your client machines which in the simpler case will be manual copy and in the more advanced scenario will be a copy by your installer.


As noted above, Telerik assemblies are installed in the GAC by Telerik installer on the developer machines. You may choose to insert Telerik assemblies in the GAC of your client machines too by following the instructions in the Add/Remove RadControls to the Global Assembly Cache (GAC) section.

Please do not use Telerik installer to install Telerik assemblies in the GACs of your clients' machines. Telerik installer should be used only for the developers' machines.


By default, when preparing a ClickOnce distribution of a Windows Forms Application, VS uses its default settings, which assume that all project assemblies located in the GAC of the local machine are also available on the remote server. By default, the CopyLocal property for assemblies located in the GAC is set to false, and they are marked as prerequisites in the application manifest (meaning that ClickOnce expects these to already be present in the remote machine's GAC. As a result, the application does not pack them). This is may cause problems if the assemblies are not registered in the remote server's GAC.

Here are several simple steps on how to deploy a Windows Forms Application using ClickOnce:

  1. Open your project in Visual Studio.

  2. Go to your project's Properties.

  3. Go to the Publish item.

  4. Click on the Application Files... button - it will open a list of files that are required by the distribution.

  5. There is a small checkbox at the bottom left corner of the opened Application Files form. If it is not checked, tick it to see all files required by the distribution.

  6. You will see all the required assemblies (that are registered in the GAC) probably with a publish status of Prerequisite(Auto) - this means that the installation assumes the assemblies will be available in the target machine GAC before the installation takes place.

  7. Change the Publish Status field of the required assemblies from Prerequisite to Include and accept all changes.

  8. Republish the project to check that all is OK.

Running an Application from a Network Drive

If your WinForms application is using Telerik controls and is located on a network drive and Telerik assemblies are also located on the network drive you will not be able to run your application because of security attributes set to TelerikCommon assembly. In such a case, you need to copy the whole program locally and run it. Please note that this does not apply to publishing your application with ClickOnce on a network drive - there should be no problem publishing your application on a network drive.

Assemblies that you should redistribute in all scenarios 

  • TelerikCommon.dll

  • Telerik.WinControls.dll

Assemblies that you need to redistribute depending on which controls you use in your application

Control Name Assembly
CustomShape Telerik.WinControls.dll
RadApplicationMenu Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadBarcode Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadBreadCrumb Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadBulletGraph Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadButton Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadButtonTextBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCalendar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCarousel Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCheckBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCheckedListBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadColorDialog Telerik.WinControls.dll
RadContextMenu Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadContextMenuManager Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadChart Telerik.WinControls.RadChart.dll
RadDataFilter Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadDateTimePicker Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadDiagram Telerik.WinControls.RadDiagram.dll
RadDock Telerik.WinControls.RadDock.dll
RadDropDownButton Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadFontDropDownList Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadForm Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadGridView Telerik.WinControls.GridView.dll
RadHScrollBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadLabel Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadLinearGauge Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadMaskedEditBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadMenu Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadMultiColumnComboBox Telerik.WinControls.GridView.dll
RadPanel Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadProgressBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRadioButton Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRepeatButton Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRibbonBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRibbonForm Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadTabbedForm Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRotator Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadScheduler Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler.dll
RadSpinEditor Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadSplitButton Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadStatusStrip Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadTextBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadThemeManager Telerik.WinControls.dll
RadTitleBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadToggleButton Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadTrackBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadVScrollBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadWaitingBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRating Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
ShapedForm Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
SchedulerBindingDataSource Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler.dll
RadShortcuts Telerik.WinControls.dll
AquaTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Aqua.dll
FluentTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Fluent.dll
FluentDarkTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.FluentDark.dll
CrystalTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Crystal.dll
CrystalDarkTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.CrystalDark.dll
DesertTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Desert.dll
Office2007Black Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2007Black.dll
Office2007Silver Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2007Silver.dll
TelerikMetroTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.TelerikMetro.dll
BreezeTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Breeze.dll
HighContrastBlackTheme Telerik.WinControls.Themes.HighContrastBlack.dll
Office2010Black Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2010BlackTheme.dll
Office2010Blue Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2010BlueTheme.dll
Office2010Silver Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2010SilverTheme.dll
Office2010Black Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2010BlackTheme.dll
Windows7 Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Windows7.dll
RadMarkupDialog Telerik.WinControls.UI.RadMarkupDialog.dll
RadDropDownList Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadListControl Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadListView Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadTreeView Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadDesktopAlert Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadSeparator Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadWizard Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadProgressBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadOageView Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadSplitContainer Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadGroupBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadPanel Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadScrollablePanel Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRichTextBox Telerik.WinControls.RichTextBox.dll
RadRichTextEditor Telerik.WinControls.RichTextEditor.dll
RadSpellChecker Telerik.WinControls.SpellChecker.dll
RadPropertyGrid Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRangeSelector Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadReminder Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler.dll
RadSchedulerReminder Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler.dll
RadSchedulerNavigator Telerik.WinControls.Scheduler.dll
RadTimeSpanPicker Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCommandBar Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadMessageBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadAutoCompleteBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadTextBoxControl Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadChartView Telerik.WinControls.ChartView.dll
RadPivotGrid Telerik.WinControls.RadPivotGrid.dll
RadPivotFieldList Telerik.WinControls.RadPivotGrid.dll
RadPdfViewer Telerik.WinControls.PdfViewer.dll
RadGanttView Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadBindingNavigator Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCollapsiblePanel Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadDataEntry Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadRadialGauge Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCheckedDropDownList Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
Office2013Dark Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2013Dark.dll
Office2013Light Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Office2013Light.dll
TelerikMetroBlue Telerik.WinControls.Themes.TelerikMetroBlue.dll
TelerikMetroTouch Telerik.WinControls.Themes.TelerikMetroTouch.dll
Material Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Material.dll
MaterialPink Telerik.WinControls.Themes.MaterialPink.dll
MaterialTeal Telerik.WinControls.Themes.MaterialTeal.dll
MaterialBlueGray Telerik.WinControls.Themes.MaterialBlueGray.dll
VisualStudio2012Dark Telerik.WinControls.Themes.VisualStudio2012Dark.dll
VisualStudio2012Light Telerik.WinControls.Themes.VisualStudio2012Light.dll
Windows8 Telerik.WinControls.Themes.Windows8.dll
RadToggleSwitch Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadLayoutControl Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadPopupEditor Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadDataLayout Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadVirtualGrid Telerik.WinControls.GridView.dll
RadPanorama Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadBrowseEditor Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadCalculatorDropDown Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadColorBox Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadTimePicker Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadClock Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadPdfViewerNavigator Telerik.WinControls.PdfViewer.dll
RadCardView Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadMap Telerik.WinControls.RadMap.dll
RadSpreadsheet Telerik.WinControls.RadSpreadsheet.dll
RadDomainUpDown Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
ExplorerControl Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadOpenFileDialog Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadOpenFolderDialog Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadSaveFileDialog Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadVirtualKeyboard Telerik.WinControls.UI.dll
RadSyntaxEditor Telerik.WinControls.SyntaxEditor.dll
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