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RadDock comes with four predefined docking guides templates:

  • Visual Studio 2008

WinForms RadDock DockingGuidesTemplate VS 2008

  • Visual Studio 2010

WinForms RadDock DockingGuidesTemplate VS 2010

  • Control Default

WinForms RadDock DockingGuidesTemplate VS 2008 Control Default

  • Office2010

WinForms RadDock DockingGuidesTemplate Office 2010

By default, RadDock uses the VS2010 template. In order to use the VS2008 template, you can set it as shown below:

this.radDock1.DockingGuidesTemplate = PredefinedDockingGuidesTemplate.VS2008;

Me.RadDock1.DockingGuidesTemplate = PredefinedDockingGuidesTemplate.VS2008

Creating a custom docking guides template

RadDock gives you the ability to create and use your own DockingGuidesTemplates. The following example explains what is contained in a DockingGuidesTemplate and how it should be set up.

For our custom DockingGuidesTemplate we will use the following images (used in VS2008 template):

Left WinForms RadDock Custom Template Left Top WinForms RadDock Custom Template Top Right WinForms RadDock Custom Template Right Bottom WinForms RadDock Custom Template Bottom Fill WinForms RadDock Custom Template Fill
Left Hot WinForms RadDock Custom Template Left Hot Top Hot WinForms RadDock Custom Template Top Hot Right Hot WinForms RadDock Custom Template Right Hot Bottom Hot WinForms RadDock Bottom Hot Fill Hot WinForms RadDock Custom Template Fill Hot
Center Background WinForms RadDock Custom Template Center Background

We should first create a DockingGuidesTemplate object and then set the images and their locations on the center background image. RadDock will define its hot mouse areas on the CenterBackground image depending on the images' locations that we set. The left, top, right and bottom images are reused for the outer guides (outside the center "compass"):

DockingGuidesTemplate template;

void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    template = new DockingGuidesTemplate();
    template.DockingHintBackColor = Color.FromArgb(30, Color.Green);
    template.DockingHintBorderColor = Color.FromArgb(30, Color.DarkGreen);

    template.LeftImage.Image = Properties.Resources.Left;
    template.TopImage.Image = Properties.Resources.Top;
    template.RightImage.Image = Properties.Resources.Right;
    template.BottomImage.Image = Properties.Resources.Bottom;
    template.FillImage.Image = Properties.Resources.Fill;

    template.LeftImage.HotImage = Properties.Resources.LeftHot;
    template.TopImage.HotImage = Properties.Resources.TopHot;
    template.RightImage.HotImage = Properties.Resources.RightHot;
    template.BottomImage.HotImage = Properties.Resources.BottomHot;
    template.FillImage.HotImage = Properties.Resources.FillHot;

    template.CenterBackgroundImage.Image = Properties.Resources.Center;

    template.LeftImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = new Point(0, 28);
    template.TopImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = new Point(28, 0);
    template.RightImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = new Point(65, 28);
    template.BottomImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = new Point(28, 65);
    template.FillImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = new Point(28, 28);

    this.radDock1.DockingGuidesTemplate = template;

Private template As DockingGuidesTemplate
Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)
    template = New DockingGuidesTemplate()
    template.DockingHintBackColor = Color.FromArgb(30, Color.Green)
    template.DockingHintBorderColor = Color.FromArgb(30, Color.DarkGreen)
    template.LeftImage.Image = Resources.Left
    template.TopImage.Image = Resources.Top
    template.RightImage.Image = Resources.Right
    template.BottomImage.Image = Resources.Bottom
    template.FillImage.Image = Resources.Fill
    template.LeftImage.HotImage = Resources.LeftHot
    template.TopImage.HotImage = Resources.TopHot
    template.RightImage.HotImage = Resources.RightHot
    template.BottomImage.HotImage = Resources.BottomHot
    template.FillImage.HotImage = Resources.FillHot
    template.CenterBackgroundImage.Image = Resources.Center
    template.LeftImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = New Point(0, 28)
    template.TopImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = New Point(28, 0)
    template.RightImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = New Point(65, 28)
    template.BottomImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = New Point(28, 65)
    template.FillImage.LocationOnCenterGuide = New Point(28, 28)
    Me.RadDock1.DockingGuidesTemplate = template
End Sub

As you can see in the code snippet, we are setting the DockingHintBackColor and DockingHintBorderColor properties which determine the colors of the docking hint area. The result is shown on the figure below:

WinForms RadDock DockingHintBackColor and DockingHintBorderColor

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