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ChatToolbarElement allows adding different toolbar actions for achieving more user friendly conversational UI. It is placed below the text box and it can be shown/hidden by clicking the toolbar icon in the editable part:

Figure 1. ChatToolbarElement

WinForms RadChat Chat Toolbar Element

The below sample code demonstrates how to add a toolbar action that inserts an image selected from the File Explorer:

Adding ToolbarActionDataItem

private void Toolbar()
    ToolbarActionDataItem imageAction = new ToolbarActionDataItem(Properties.Resources.file,"image");
    this.radChat1.ToolbarActionClicked += radChat1_ToolbarActionClicked;

private void radChat1_ToolbarActionClicked(object sender, ToolbarActionEventArgs e)
    ToolbarActionDataItem action = e.DataItem;
    if (action.UserData + "" == "image")
        OpenFileDialog dlg = new OpenFileDialog();
        dlg.Title = "Open Image";
        dlg.Filter = "png files (*.png)|*.png";
        if (dlg.ShowDialog() == DialogResult.OK)
            Image img = Image.FromFile(dlg.FileName);
            ChatMediaMessage mediaMessage = new ChatMediaMessage(img, new Size(300, 200), null, this.radChat1.Author, DateTime.Now);

Private Sub Toolbar()
    Dim imageAction As ToolbarActionDataItem = New ToolbarActionDataItem(My.Resources.file, "image")
    AddHandler Me.radChat1.ToolbarActionClicked, AddressOf radChat1_ToolbarActionClicked
End Sub
Private Sub radChat1_ToolbarActionClicked(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ToolbarActionEventArgs)
    Dim action As ToolbarActionDataItem = e.DataItem
    If action.UserData & "" = "image" Then
        Dim dlg As OpenFileDialog = New OpenFileDialog()
        dlg.Title = "Open Image"
        dlg.Filter = "png files (*.png)|*.png"
        If dlg.ShowDialog() = Windows.Forms.DialogResult.OK Then
            Dim img As Image = Image.FromFile(dlg.FileName)
            Dim mediaMessage As ChatMediaMessage = New ChatMediaMessage(img, New Size(300, 200), Nothing, Me.radChat1.Author, DateTime.Now)
        End If
    End If
End Sub

Figure 2. Inserting an image from a toolbar action

WinForms RadChat Inserting an image from a toolbar action

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