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RadChat's Properties

Property Description
ChatElement Gets the main chat element.
Author Gets or sets the current author. This instance is used when is set to true as well as to determine the messages alignment and styling.
AutoAddUserMessages Gets or sets a value indicating whether messages typed by the user will automatically be added as to the chat.
AvatarSize Gets or sets the size of the avatar images.
ShowAvatars Gets or sets whether avatar images will be displayed in the chat window next to messages.
ShowMessagesOnOneSide Gets or sets whether messages will be displayed aligned to only one side of the chat window or on both.
TimeSeparatorInterval Gets or sets the time interval between messages that will trigger the automatic addition of a Time separator. If set to no Time separators will be added.

RadChatElement's Properties

Property Description
MessagesViewElement Gets the messages view element.
SuggestedActionsElement Gets the actions element.
ToolbarElement Gets the toolbar element.
InputTextBox Gets the input box.
ShowToolbarButtonElement Gets the toolbar button element in the input box.
SendButtonElement Gets the send button element in the input box.
OverlayElement Gets the overlay element.
OverlayPopupElement Gets the overlay popup element.
IsOverlayShown Indicates whether the overlay is shown.
IsPopupOverlayShown Indicates whether the popup overlay is shown.
ChatFactory Gets or sets the chat factory.


Method Description
ShowOverlay Shows the provided overlay in the control.
HideOverlay Hides any overlays that are currently displayed by the control.
AddMessage Adds a new message to the chat. Typical messages are ChatTextMessage, ChatSuggestedActionsMessage, ChatMediaMessage, ChatCardMessage, and ChatOverlayMessage.


Event Description
SendMessage Occurs when the user performs an action e.g hits the Enter key, clicks the Send message button, clicks OK on an overlay.
SuggestedActionClicked Occurs when the user clicks on a Suggested Action.
CardActionClicked Occurs when the user clicks on a Card Action.
ToolbarActionClicked Occurs when the user clicks on a Toolbar Action.
TimeSeparatorAdding Occurs after a new message is added. Allows you to decide whether a time separator should be inserted before the currently added message.
ItemFormatting Occurs when the data item of a visual element is changed and the element is prepared for visualization.

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