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This article will get you familiar with the internal elements structure of RadChat.

Figure 1: RadChat's elements hierarchy

WinForms RadChat Elements Hierarchy

Figure 2: RadChat's visual structure

WinForms RadChat Visual Structure

  1. RadChatElement - the main element in RadChat.
  2. ChatMessagesViewElement - the main container that hosts the messages.
  3. RadTextBoxElement - the text box which handles user's input.
  4. ChatMessageNameElement - represents the author's name and time of the message.
  5. ChatMessageBubbleElement - contains the message's content.
  6. ChatMessageAvatarElement - represents the author's avatar.
  7. TextMessageItemElement - represents a single text message.
  8. MediaMessageItemElement - represents a single image message.
  9. ChatTimeSeparatorItemElement - time separator between the messages in different days.

Figure 3: ChatImageCardElement's visual structure

WinForms RadChat ChatImageCardElement's visual structure

  1. ChatImageCardElement - represents an image card.
  2. StackLayoutPanel - the container that host all information elements.
  3. LightVisualElement - represents a single text/image element in the card.

ChatProductCardElement and ChatWeatherCardElement have identical visual structure: one StackLayoutPanel that hosts several LightVisualElement s.

Figure 4: ChatProductCardElement's visual structure

WinForms RadChat ChatProductCardElement's Visual Structure

Figure 5: ChatWeatherCardElement's visual structure

WinForms RadChat ChatWeatherCardElement's Visual Structure

Figure 6: ChatFlightCardElement's visual structure

WinForms RadChat ChatFlightCardElement's Visual Structure

  1. ChatFlightCardElement - represents a flight card.
  2. FlightStackLayoutPanel - the container that hosts the flight information elements.
  3. FlightCardAirportInfo - represents a single flight information element.
  4. LightVisualElement - represents a single text/image element in the card.

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