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Suggested Actions

RadChat offers different suggested actions to present the user a selection of action choices. Once an action is selected, the SuggestedActionClicked event is fired. Then, you can choose how to proceed further, e.g. adding a message with the user's choice. The SuggestedActionEventArgs gives you access to the SuggestedActionDataItem.

Figure 1: Suggested Actions

WinForms RadChat Suggested Actions

SuggestedActionDataItem is single action unit that can be added to a ChatSuggestedActionsMessage. Since R3 2019 you can use the ShowScrollBar property in order to show the horizontal scrollbar.

Adding a SuggestedActionDataItem

private void AddSuggstedActions()
    this.radChat1.AddMessage(new ChatTextMessage("Hello, what kind of a vacation do you need?", this.radChat1.Author, DateTime.Now));
    List<SuggestedActionDataItem> actions = new List<SuggestedActionDataItem>();
    actions.Add(new SuggestedActionDataItem("Family trip"));
    actions.Add(new SuggestedActionDataItem("Summer holiday with friends"));
    actions.Add(new SuggestedActionDataItem("Business trip"));
    Author author = new Author(Properties.Resources.andrew1, "Andrew");
    ChatSuggestedActionsMessage suggestionActionsMessage = new ChatSuggestedActionsMessage(actions, author, DateTime.Now);
    this.radChat1.SuggestedActionClicked += radChat1_SuggestedActionClicked;
private void radChat1_SuggestedActionClicked(object sender, SuggestedActionEventArgs e)
    this.radChat1.AddMessage(new ChatTextMessage("You have chosen " + e.Action.Text, this.radChat1.Author, DateTime.Now));

Private Sub AddSuggstedActions()
    Me.radChat1.AddMessage(New ChatTextMessage("Hello, what kind of a vacation do you need?", Me.radChat1.Author, DateTime.Now))
    Dim actions As List(Of SuggestedActionDataItem) = New List(Of SuggestedActionDataItem)()
    actions.Add(New SuggestedActionDataItem("Family trip"))
    actions.Add(New SuggestedActionDataItem("Summer holiday with friends"))
    actions.Add(New SuggestedActionDataItem("Business trip"))
    Dim author As Author = New Author(My.Resources.andrew1, "Andrew")
    Dim suggestionActionsMessage As ChatSuggestedActionsMessage = New ChatSuggestedActionsMessage(actions, author, DateTime.Now)
    AddHandler Me.radChat1.SuggestedActionClicked, AddressOf radChat1_SuggestedActionClicked
End Sub
Private Sub radChat1_SuggestedActionClicked(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As SuggestedActionEventArgs)
    Me.radChat1.AddMessage(New ChatTextMessage("You have chosen " & e.Action.Text, Me.radChat1.Author, DateTime.Now))
End Sub

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