Telerik TimeSpanPicker for .NET MAUI provides an easy way to select a time duration. TimeSpan control represents a time interval and allows you to set a time range between two times measured in numbers of days, hours, minutes and seconds. The Flexible Styling API gives you the opportunity to fully customize the dialog appearance such as its header and footer.

Telerik UI for .NET MAUI TimeSpanPicker is currenly available for Android and iOS.

TimeSpan Picker Overview

Key features

  • Spinner Format: TimeSpanPicker for .NET MAUI allows you to use standard or custom timespan format string through the TimeSpanPicker.SpinnerFormat property. Depending on what format is set, the picker visualizes spinner controls with prepopulated values to be picked.

  • DisplayString Format: You can choose what text to be displayed when a time interval is selected using the TimeSpanPicker DisplayStringFormat property.

  • Templates: TimeSpanPicker provides templates for its header and footer. Also we have exposed templates for the picker placeholder and display text.

  • Time Range: RadTimeSpanPicker allows you to define a time range when setting minimum and maximum time values and choose a time in between.

  • Time Interval Selection: You can set a current selected time interval to the TimeSpanPicker or set a default highlighted time interval.

  • Incremental Time Steps - Change the default time interval values steps for day, hour, minute and second.

  • Flexible Styling API: Take advantage of the styling capabilities of the RadTimeSpanPicker control. You can easily style its Spinners, the Popup and its header and footer, the text displayed after time is selected and many more.

  • Commands Support TimeSpanPicker exposes command that allows you to clear the selected time interval - Clear Command and Toggle Command that allows you to open and close the dialog.

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