Picker Mode

The TimeSpanPicker for .NET MAUI exposes PickerMode property of Telerik.XamarinForms.Input.PickerMode type which can be set to one of the following values:

  • Popup—Shows the UI for picking a date inside a popup. It's the default value for mobile (Android and iOS);
  • DropDown— Opens the UI for picking a date inside a dropdown. It's the default value for Desktop (Windows, macOS);

Here is a sample of PickerMode set to Popup:

<telerik:RadTimeSpanPicker Time="5:10:30:00"

Check below the result on mobile and desktop:

Quick example of PickerMode set to DropDown:

<telerik:RadTimeSpanPicker Time="5:10:30:00"

Check the result of DropDown mode on mobile and desktop:

Toggle Button

In addition, TimeSpanPicker exposes IsToggleButtonVisible property which when set to True renders an "arrow" button for opening the UI for picking a time. By default, IsToggleButtonVisible is enabled for Desktop together with the DropDown picker mode, and is disabled for mobile platforms. Still, you can explicitly apply it in both cases:

<telerik:RadTimeSpanPicker Time="5:10:30:00"
                                IsToggleButtonVisible="True" />

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