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.NET MAUI TemplatedButton Content Configuration

The purpose of this help article is to show you the main configuration options of the control.

Setting Content

Define the content inside the TemplatedButton by setting the Content property (object) or ContentTemplate (DataTemplate) property.

The Content is responsible for the actual content displayed in the button. It can be set to string, View, object, etc.

Here are the scenarios for the visualization of Content or ContentTemplate inside the RadTemplatedButton:

  • If ContentTemplate is set, the View returned from the ContentTemplate.CreateView() is displayed inside the RadTemplatedButton.ControlTemplate, having Content as its BindingContext.

  • If ContentTemplate is DataTemplateSelector, first the DataTemplate is selected and then a View is created from the chosen template using Content as its BindingContext.

  • If Content is set to a View and ContentTemplate isn't set, the View is displayed inside the RadTemplatedButton.ControlTemplate.

  • If Content is set to a string and ContentTemplate isn't set, a Label is displayed inside the RadTemplatedButton.ControlTemplate.

  • If Content is set to an object and ContentTemplate isn't set, the ToString() of the object is used and converted to Label inside the RadTemplatedButton.ControlTemplate.

Setting Content to String

<telerik:RadTemplatedButton Content="My TemplatedButton Content" />

.NET MAUI TemplatedButton Getting Started

Setting ContentTemplate

    <telerik:RadCollectionView ItemsSource="{Binding Contacts}">
                <Grid ColumnDefinitions="*, Auto"
                      Padding="{OnPlatform Default='2, 0', WinUI='11, 0'}">
                        <telerik:BoolToValueConverter x:Key="BoolToGlyphConverter" TrueValue="&#xe805;" FalseValue="&#xe801;" />
                    <Label Text="{Binding Name}" VerticalTextAlignment="Center" />
                    <telerik:RadTemplatedButton Grid.Column="1"
                                                Content="{Binding IsFavorite}"
                                                Command="{Binding UpdateIsFavoriteCommand}"
                                <Label FontFamily="TelerikFontExamples"
                                       Text="{Binding Converter={StaticResource BoolToGlyphConverter}}"
                                       TextColor="{Binding Source={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type telerik:RadTemplatedButton}}, Path=TextColor}"
                                       HorizontalTextAlignment="{Binding Source={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type telerik:RadTemplatedButton}}, Path=HorizontalTextAlignment}"
                                       VerticalTextAlignment="{Binding Source={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type telerik:RadTemplatedButton}}, Path=VerticalTextAlignment}" />

.NET MAUI TemplatedButton ContentTemplate

Text Alignment

Use the following properties to align the text in the button when Content is string and ContentTemplate is not set.

  • HorizontalTextAlignment (Microsoft.Maui.TextAlignment)—Specifies the horizontal alignment of the Label.Text.
  • VerticalTextAlignment (Microsoft.Maui.TextAlignment)—Specifies the vertical alignment of the Label.Text.

Text Decoration

Use the TextDecorations (enum of type Microsoft.Maui.TextDecorations) property to specify the text decorations of the Label created when Content is string and ContentTemplate is not set.

Font Options

The following properties specify the font options that apply to the content when Content is string and ContentTemplate is not set.

  • FontFamily (string)—Specifies the font family of the Label.Text.
  • FontSize (double)—Specifies the font size in pixels of the Label.Text.
  • FontAttributes (Microsoft.Maui.Controls.FontAttributes)—Specifies the font attributes of the Label.Text.

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