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.NET MAUI NumericInput Events

The NumericInput exposes a ValueChanged event, which is raised after the input value is changed.

The ValueChanged event handler receives two parameters:

  • The Sender which is the RadNumericInput control;
  • ValueChangedEventArgs provides the following properties:

    • OldValue of type double? gets the old value.
    • NewValue of type double? gets the new value.

The following example demonstrates how to use the ValueChanged event.

1. Define the NumericInput:

<telerik:RadNumericInput x:Name="numericInput" ValueChanged="RadNumericInput_ValueChanged"/>

2. Set the ValueChanged event:

private void RadNumericInput_ValueChanged(object sender, Telerik.Maui.Controls.NumericInput.ValueChangedEventArgs e)
   // implement your logic here

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