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.NET MAUI Vertical Gauge

The Vertical Gauge allows you to display the scale range in a linear form and vertically oriented.

The following example shows the basic setup of the Vertical Gauge.

<telerik:RadVerticalGauge x:Name="gauge">
        <telerik:GaugeLinearAxis Maximum="200"
                                   Step="25" />
        <telerik:GaugeShapeIndicator Value="90" />
            <telerik:GaugeRange Color="Green"
                                  To="150" />
            <telerik:GaugeGradientRange From="150" To="200">
                <telerik:RadGradientStop Offset="150" Color="Yellow" />
                <telerik:RadGradientStop Offset="200" Color="Red" />

The following image shows the end result.

Vertical Gauge

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