Telerik RadCheckBox for .NET MAUI is a checkbox control which enables users to make a choice between two mutually exclusive options. The user’s selection is indicated by a check mark, and when a user clicks the checkbox its appearance and state change.

Figure 1: RadCheckBox Overview

CheckBox Overview

Key features

  • Indeterminate state support: RadCheckBox provides an additional indeterminate state which indicates the control is neither checked nor unchecked, for more details go here.
  • Color customization: You will be able to set various Color properties to make changes to the look of different parts of the CheckBox control, check here for more details.
  • Stroke Width customization: You will have the option to customize the layout of the CheckBox, including the borders and the check mark, read more here.
  • Different sizes: You will be able to set the dimension of the CheckBox by adjusting only one property - the Length property, check the details here.

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