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Mail Merge

Mail merge is functionality allowing to produce personalized documents from a template holding fixed content and variables. The variables are called Merge Fields and are replaced through the merge process with content from a specified data source.

Inserting Merge Fields

Merge fields are a type of Fields and can be added in a template document via RadFlowDocumentEditor's InsertFIeld() method. The method requires the code representation of the field and the result which is shown in the template before the document is mail-merged.

The code snippet in Example 1 shows how to initialize a RadFlodDocumentEditor instance and insert a merge field.

[C#] Example 1: Insert a merge field

RadFlowDocument document = CreateDocument();
RadFlowDocumentEditor editor = new RadFlowDocumentEditor(document);
editor.InsertField("MERGEFIELD FirstName", "");

Additionally, a field can be added to a Paragraph manually by creating a FieldInfo instance and placing its start, code, separator, result and end in the block. Example 2 shows the manual approach for adding a merge field.

[C#] Example 2: Add a merge field manually

FieldInfo field = new FieldInfo(document);

paragraph.Inlines.AddRun("MERGEFIELD LastName");

Performing Mail Merge

Mail merge can be performed over a template document containing merge fields. For this action the MailMerge() method of RadFlowDocument needs to be used. The method accepts a collection of elements as a parameter.

During the operation, each MergeField is replaced with the corresponding information from the data source record in a new RadFlowDocument instance. Every subsequent entry in the data source is appended to a single resulting document which is returned by the method. The original template stays unmodified.

Example 3 shows a simple example data source.

[C#] Example 3: Sample data source

List<MailMergeRecord> mailMergeDataSource = new List<MailMergeRecord>()
    new MailMergeRecord()
        FirstName = "Andrew",
        LastName = "Fuller"
    new MailMergeRecord()
        FirstName = "Nancy",
        LastName = "Davolio"

Example 4 performs the mail merge operation over a previously defined template document using the data source from Example 3.

[C#] Example 4: Perform mail merge

RadFlowDocument mailMergeResult = document.MailMerge(mailMergeDataSource);

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