Installation and Activation

This article explains how to download, install and activate Telerik Test Studio. The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Download Test Studio
  2. Install Test Studio
  3. Activate Your License

Download Test Studio

The easiest way to download the latest version of Test Studio is from the official website.


You can also download Test Studio from your account.

  1. Navigate to and login to your Telerik account.

    Log In

    Log In

  2. To download the latest version of Test Studio, including Service Packs and Latest Internal Builds, open the Manage products menu and select Test Studio.

    Test Studio product

  3. From the Test Studio product page, click the Download link.


  4. Select the official release or latest internal build. Download the installer and execute the file to install that version or upgrade an existing Test Studio installation to the newer version.


Install Test Studio

  1. After you have downloaded the install file, locate it using Windows Explorer and double click it to launch the installer.
  2. Click the Read License Agreement to read the Test Studio EULA. When ready click OK and then I Agree – Continue button to confirm you agree with the terms of the license.

    Setup Wizzard

  3. To take the defaults, click Install and skip to step 6. Otherwise click the Customize button.

    Note: This button is not available when you download the *.exe installer directly from our site. In order to access it you should download the *.msi installer from your account.


  4. Once you select the Customize button, you can choose whether to install some optional components or to change the installation path. After making your selections, click OK to continue

    • To use this machine as a Storage Server and/or Scheduling Server, you need to install the appropriate services at this time or add these at a later moment.
    • To add the Storage and Scheduling Services features, you must complete the installation and perform a change using the installer.
    • Storage server uses MongoDb as storage database and its minimum requirement is 4GB hard drive space to operate normally.
    • If you have Visual Studio on the machine, Test Studio plugin for Visual Studio will be also installed for all detected Visual Studio installations.

    Install services

    Install services

    Install VS plugin

  5. Review the custom selections and click OK and then Install to start the installation process.


  6. When the install is complete, the Installation Successful screen is displayed.

    Successfully Completed

  7. Click Finish to exit the installation.

    • Note: When upgrading, users may encounter an error: "Service 'Telerik Scheduling Service' (Telerik Scheduling Service) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services." See Error Starting Services troubleshooting article.

Once you have installed Test Studio, you can check for updates automatically, or download and install them manually.

Activate Your License

After installing Telerik Test Studio, you will be asked to activate your license. During this process, your machine creates its own unique key and provides it to our server. We use this key to generate a unique license key for the installation of the product. This tutorial below describes how to go through this process and provides a guided walk-through. All users, both trial and purchased, will need to activate their product after installation before they can begin using the tool.

The below process assumes that you have not launched the Standalone or VS plugin version after the installation completed. If you have already launched Test Studio and are ready to input your licensing data (user email and password), skip to step 3.

  1. Launch Test Studio:

    • Standalone version: Click Start > Programs > Telerik > Test Studio > Launch Test Studio
    • Visual Studio plugin: Click Start > Programs > Microsoft Visual Studio 20XX > Microsoft Visual Studio 20XX
  2. This step is for VS plugin users only. Standalone users can skip to step 3. If you have a project with a Test Studio test in it, open the project within Visual Studio, and then the test. If you do not have a solution or project of this type, perform steps 1-3 listed here to begin activation.

  3. Input the email address and password that correspond to your account.

    Log In screen

  4. Click Login.

  5. Chose your purchased version and click Activate Selected Version (please note that you can change your version later on).

    Choose version

  6. If you are activating purchased version and you have more than one purchases you will have to choose which license to activate. NOTE: The following screen does NOT appear if you are activating trial version or have only one purchase.

    Choose license

  7. Click Activate Selected License. If the activation is successful the you can start using Test Studio.

    Activation successful

  8. If your machine was freshly imaged or replaced and you need to re-activate your license (0 seats available) on the new machine, please visit Re-Activating your License article.

  9. If you perform the above process and you receive the screen below, click on Activate Manually and follow this article for Manual Activation.

    Couldn't log

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