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View Execution Status

The Execution Status View is a useful source of information for the current status of a Scheduling setup. You can find out if a project is connected to a configured Scheduling service, or it is set to run only locally. For projects, which are connected to a Scheduling service, you can find additional details for the Test Studio services state and the currently registered Execution machines.

Execution Status View Window

To access the Status view you can click Status in the Scheduling ribbon of the Project tab.


Locally Connected Project

If the current project is connected to execute tests locally, the Status view will provide details only for the local service and the local Test Runner.

Status Window locally

Double click on the listed Execution machine will load additional details for the machine - available browsers with the option to calibrate these, access to the logging of that machine.

Execution machine details locally

Remotely Connected Project

The Remote Execution Status Window provides a summary of each Execution Server connected to this Scheduling Server and an overview for the Scheduling and Storage services.

Status Window

Test Studio Services Possible Statuses

  • Scheduling Server section shows if the service is running, which is the server URL and the version of Test Studio on that server machine.

  • Storage Server sections shows if the service is running, which is the server URL and the version of Test Studio on that server machine. Along with that is displayed the database version and if its service is running.

  • If any of the services is not running for some reason at least its status will be in red to indicate there is something wrong. If the Scheduling Service is down the Storage and Database will be also down.

Status Window Scheduling Service Down

  • If the Storage Service is down the Scheduling service will still be alive but the Database will not be usable.

Status Window Storage Service Down

  • If the MongoDB service or the databse is down only its status will be in red.

Status Window MongoDB Service Down

List of Execution Servers

  • If there are browsers, which are not calibrated, on any of the remote machines, the respective browser icon will be marked with a yellow warning sign. To calibrate it, you can drill down to the particular machine details by double click on it, or turn on the AutoCalibrateBrowsers setting in the Web tab of Test List Settings.

Status Window Non-calibrated Browsers

Status Window browser support Update

Optionally, you can logon on the machine, open its Execution client and update the the installation for latest browser support.

Execution Servers Details

To view detailed information about an Execution Server, double-click the respective row in the grid or click the magnifier icon in front of the machine name. The Execution Server Details screen provides extended information about the specifications, system performance and test execution status of an Execution machine.

Execution Server Details

  • The Machine Information section displays system specification for the machine.

  • The Browser Support Update section notifies for the current state for browser support on the machine. If this needs to be updated, a warning sign notifies an update is available.

  • The Browser Information section displays all installed browsers on the execution machine along with their calibration state. All installed browsers on the remote machine could be calibrated or restored to default settings from the provided buttons - Calibrate and Restore.

  • The Logging information section allows you to enable or disable the Logging on the Execution machine, View and Clear the Log.

Execution Machine Possible Statuses

The Execution Server Details view displays different statuses for the selected execution machine as per its state

  • If there are tests running on the machine only the buttons in the Logging sections will be enabled. The installed browsers could not be calibrated while tests are being executed.

Running Tests

  • If the name of the currently executed test on an execution machine is too long it will be partially displayed. To see the whole string hover the mouse over the partially displayed one.

Very Long Test Name

  • If the execution machine could not be accessed all buttons in the Browser and Logging sections will be disabled. A warning message appears to double check what could be preventing the connection to remote execution server.

Unreachable Execution Machine

The Back button navigates back to the list with connected execution machines.

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